“Cause We Rock”

First and Foremost…

I’d just like to say that my website has received 107 views so….yeah. I’m famous.

I mean, sure… 90% of the views are from family members I forced to look at my site – or members who were forced by other members to look at it, but still… I think it’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Out of my 107 forced fans who viewed my site, 46 of them spent time on my blog post Top 5 Animated Disney Movies. This could be because it’s one of the first links on my homepage, or because people were generally intrigued by the topic…. I like to think it’s the ladder.

Because of this, I’ve decided to keep with the Disney theme and write about one of my all-time favorite Disney Channel original movies: Camp Rock.

Camp Rock

If you don’t know what Camp Rock is, I suggest you stop reading this article right now and find something else to do because nothing past this sentence will make any sense.

Okay, so as I was saying… Camp Rock.

The first camp Rock movie came out when I was six years old. I remember how excited my siblings and I were to watch the premiere of the movie on Disney Channel. It was all we could talk about for weeks.

When the day finally arrived, we were thrilled. Our mom -caught up in the excitement- decided to make the Camp Rock premiere into a full out cinematic experience, popping popcorn, making snacks, and laying out blankets on the floor so we could stretch out in comfort during the film.

From the moment the movie started my siblings and I were hooked.

And why wouldn’t we be? This movie has everything anyone could ever want: love, betrayal, passion, scandal, comedy, music, etc.

But after two successful films, the Camp Rock franchise ended, breaking thousands of peoples’ hearts and spirits worldwide.

However, after 12 long years without any new Camp Rock movies, the time has finally come to resurrect this Disney Channel classic from the grave….

Introducing: Kamp Rrock 3: Doing Time… in Time

Based off the popular Disney channel movies, Kamp Rrock 3 looks into the new, grown-up lives of all your favorite Camp Rock friends.

Nate, Jason, and Shane Gray have started their own family law firm “3 Shades of Gray.”

Katlyn Geller is a mother of three adorable kids, Peggy Warburton is a highly profitable Beverly Hills relator, Tess Tyler created her own fashion line and became Shark Tank famous, and Mitchie Torres…well… she never moved on from her whole “rock star” dream and uncoincidentally still lives with her mother.

So, as you can see, most of the original group has made something of themselves, they’ve all…. moved on.

But when a dog walker stumbles upon a giant burial site near the old Kamp Rrock grounds, all the members of the group are thrown into a series of events that force them to relive one of the darkest moments in Kamp Rrock history…

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