Max Fouts (me) exploring Des Moines

What’s up People…

My name is Max Fouts and I’m a student at Drake University studying Digital Media Production and Spanish. I also have and advertising minor but… we don’t talk about that.

As a student, my life is pretty much dedicated to going to class, doing homework, and sleeping. However, every now and then I say to myself, “What the heck,” and I venture out of the walls of Cowles Library to spend time with friends, go to the gym, or go home and watch TV.

TV Addict

When it comes to television shows, I’ll pretty much watch anything, although my favorite genre is comedy. Some of my favorite shows of all time include The Good Place, Community, 30 Rock, The Middle, and a plethora of others.

I’m not a huge fan of films, but when I do watch them I like to watch bad movies. You know… the ones that are so bad they’re funny! Some of my favorites include Santa Claws, Zoombies, and any of the Sharknados.  

Digital Media Production

As an avid watcher and fan of television, it’s no surprise that I ended up majoring in Digital Media Production. With this major I hope to gain the skills necessary to help me break into the entertainment industry, where hopefully I’ll be able to write and produce TV shows of my very own.

But knowing the competitiveness of this industry, I made sure to create a plan B: advertising. Like I’ve said, I watch a lot of TV. Therefore I’ve also ended up watching a lot of commercials. Although most are boring, there are a few that are actually fun to watch, one of my favorites being the Progressive commercials.

I find it fascinating how they’re able to be both informative and entertaining at the same time, and think creating commercials would be a fun job to have.


Another one of my passions is Spanish. I’ve been studying Spanish off and on ever since I was in kindergarten, but I didn’t fall in love with the language until I was in middle school.

As an eighth grader, we were all forced to participate in a year-long passion project. For this project we each chose a subject we were passionate about, and then spent one hour every so often learning, researching, practicing, etc., whatever we chose. I chose Spanish.

At the end of the year, we had to find a way to present to our classmates all we had learned. For my final project, I decided to make a short film based off the popular Spanish novel Marianela, written by Benito Pérez Galdós.

Although the end result wasn’t amazing, I really enjoyed making it.

One day I hope to use my Spanish skills and Digital Media Skills together, making either commercials, TV shows, movies, or all three in the Spanish language.